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The popularity of the Electric Tricycles is wide-spread and the electric scooter is sold in North America, Europe, and India. 
A perfect solution for those having travel and walking problems, Topmate helps them move around comfortably.


One of the advantage of Topmate is that it is portable and flexible. So, customers can carry it wherever they want. 

Meet Our Best Dealers

Topmate ES32 Electric Scooter

ES32 electric scooter is the latest model, the most complete scooter, The upgraded Pneumatic tire size is 10 inches which improved the road passing ability and increased the distance between the seat and the ground, allowing the legroom to be expanded.

Replaced the latest speed display screen, which is clearer. We also changed the design of the rear axle, but kept the most stable length of 40CM (15.75 inches)

Topmate ES31 Electric Scooter

The first gear speed up to 4.8 km/h(3 mile/h);The second speed up to 11 km/h(7 mile/h);The third speed up to 24 km/h(15mile/h).You can adjust the speed freely. 

One of the advantages of it is that it is portable and flexible. So, you can carry it wherever you want to in the easiest possible way. Is the best choice for short trips.

Topmate Help Desk

Here are 2 benefits when we buy directly from topmate is 2X sufficient!

Expect a quick reply within 24 hours. 
Your hapiness is our pleasure

All-Time Technical  Supports
Cost free and free of anxiety.

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